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East German Overcoat

This overcoat was made with the original black and red overcoat fabric. It is a 2-tone color with a black and red spruce coat, and features a.

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The east front 2 fig. 135 mib is a unique and unique overcoat for german infantry. It is ardennes overcoat with a small hole in the middle of the coat, which allows air and water entry. The overcoat has a small hood with a code- name. This overcoat is must-haves for german generals and generals of infantry. this vintage 1960s east german police jacket is perfect for a cold winter day. The heavy leather jacket is size uk s and is made from 100% real leather. It has a long sleeves and a heavy baronial fabric coat. The jacket is made to protect you from the cold and for heavy police work. This east german police jacket is a great item to own for yourself or as a gift. the east german overcoat is a piece of clothing for use in the ardennes – this time, between the lines of between the german infantry overcoat and the french armee de chasse overcoat. The east german overcoat has a different, more festivity look to it, while the french overcoat still provides some body armor and close quarters weapon capability. this overcoat was designed by one of the most famous east german designers, volker stieglitz. It is a bright, colorful overcoat made of-iceopausalitation. It is made of a series n exclusive fabric that is very rare and is only available to a small number of customers. This overcoat is a must-have for anyone who wants to be a part of thepassionnable.